You will find a number of PowerShell Modules, scripts and helper sites I’ve built over on my work site.


I originally built a Utility helper app back in 2015, it was to save time and automate some manual tasks I was doing on a weekly basis, each time a new function or purpose was needed I added it as another tab.

I’ve been an iOS developer for a number of years and wanted a real world case for building a Mac app so I ported this across.

The next logical step was to build a website which had the same functionality, it’s a little rough around the edges but open to PRs.

As the original app was in VB.NET I thought it was time to port it to C# and re-write it as a WPF app, this is on-going.


When developing iOS apps on the Mac I was converting HEX colours using online tools (added above too) and I thought it would be useful to make some plugins for PopClip and Alfred.


I was looking for real world examples of apps to build

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